Patios, Pergolas and Carports in Penrith

At Sunscreen we work with you to design and incorporate personalised ideas and construct a space that allows you to relax or entertain after work or on the weekend.

Personalised outdoor patios

By designing an outdoor living space personalised to your specific tastes and requirements, you will be able to make your home feel more homely. Your home will reflect your personality.

Perhaps you would like a patio that is focused around having BBQs with your friends on the weekend, but you would also like the patio to offer a nice space to relax with your kids. It’s important to consider what you would really like to do, and how something like a patio will improve the quality of your life at home.

A personalised patio allows you to experience your home life in a new way, but it all starts with the design. During this personalised design stage, we help you take your vision and turn it into something real that matches exactly what you want.

Extend your living space with a Pergola

A pergola helps enhance and define an outdoor living space since it creates a definite area for entertainment while giving you more privacy. It can also provide shade in your yard and protect you from the harsh Australian sun.

Shading the exterior of your house, particularly walls that absorb the sunlight will reduce the temperature inside your home. You will notice a drop in both your electricity bill and summer temperatures as you rely on less air conditioning and more on the natural cooling system.

This design work is called bio-climatic design and allows us at Sunscreen patios to take advantage of environmental conditions to provide the desired purpose absolutely free of charge.

Installing a carport in Penrith

Carports offer a whole host of benefits to home owners, not only will a carport create a safe, covered area for you to park your car it will also add extra value to your home. If you are finding yourself a little tight for space, either inside or out, with a full garage or nowhere to store your car, a carport is a great option for expanding your usable outside space.

It’s often overlooked in favour of more expensive constructions, like a garage, but the carport is a much more budget-friendly alternative that provides just as much usability. A carport is usually built onto an existing wall and provides overhead cover and side walls, creating a protected car parking spot or a general secluded area.

Benefits of an opening roof system

Installing an opening roof system in your patio or pergola area allows you to get maximum use from the space in a variety of weather conditions, all year round. Having a flexible outdoor area will help to spend more time relaxing with family or entertaining guests in comfort. By adjusting the louvres you can also reduce living costs by minimising the number of times you use lights, heaters and air conditioners.

At Sunscreen we’ve developed a range of opening roof systems which provide the perfect way to enjoy your outdoor living area in almost any condition. For Patios Penrith, Pergolas Penrith, Opening Roofs Penrith, or Carports Penrith, give us a call now for one of our experts to talk you through the process and give you a good idea what is available.