Opening Roof or Retractable Roof – Which is right for you?

//Opening Roof or Retractable Roof – Which is right for you?

Opening Roof or Retractable Roof – Which is right for you?

Opening roof systems and retractable roofs are the most on-trend outdoor roof solutions in 2020. If you’re looking to enhance your outdoor space, this is where you should start. It’s easy to get confused with which one of the two is the right solution for your home, space and budget. 

To help you make a more informed decision, we have listed the differences and benefits of these two trending roofing options.

Opening Roof Systems:

Opening roofs allow you to make the most of your outdoor space. They’re perfect for entertaining, helping you to stay dry on a rainy day and letting in the natural light when open. They’re also a great choice if you’d like sunlight and airflow into the rest of your home whilst still having the option to keep the sun and rain out.

Retractable Roofs:

A retractable roofing system is a type of opening roof that is often used above a deck. The retractable opening roof is a premium roofing system. It allows the louvres blades to retract back allowing you to enjoy unobstructed views of the skies above. This is unlike a standard opening roof system where the louvre blades don’t retract back.

Retractable roofs provide you with controllable outdoor space, although they can be slow to open and close. 


A retractable roof is often the cheaper option, however, it usually results in a higher long-term cost. Retractable roofs are usually made from fabric opposed to aluminium or stainless steel louvres that you would find in the Smart Blade opening roof. As this fabric is subjected to harsh weather conditions, you will need to replace it every 3 to 5 years. You should consider these replacement costs when deciding which option is right for you. 

The SmartBlade Opening Roof is a more cost-effective option with the aluminium and stainless steel louvres that last more than 20 years without any replacement required. Consider your opening roof a long-term hassle-free investment.


Here at Sunscreen Opening Roofs, our SmartBlade opening roof systems are made of solid aluminium and stainless steel. This means they will stand up to the harshest of Australian conditions, and also makes them highly resistant to corrosion. 

Retractable roofs are usually not suitable in strong winds as they may be retracted during adverse weather events. Also, they may deteriorate quickly in coastal conditions, making them a poor choice for coast-side climates.

Design Options:

We know every home is different so we offer a range of SmartBlade opening roof types. This means you can extend and improve your property, whilst maintaining the existing aesthetics. This will ensure your new roof system ties in perfectly with existing structures around your property. You also choose whether you want the entire roof to feature adjustable remote-controlled opening roof blades, or if you want a partially fixed roof and partial opening options.

With a retractable roof, you are limited to two options – open or closed. 

Get in touch with us to discover how adding an opening roof system to your home will enhance your outdoor living area!

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