Why Choose an Opening Roof? | Points to Consider When Making Your Opening Roof Purchase

//Why Choose an Opening Roof? | Points to Consider When Making Your Opening Roof Purchase

Why Choose an Opening Roof? | Points to Consider When Making Your Opening Roof Purchase

You’ve recently decided that you want to add an opening roof to your home… congratulations! It’s a great way to add a stylish aesthetic and to get the most out of your outdoor area. Investing in an opening roof allows you to control the levels of comfort, air flow and weather. The technology and functionality of opening roofs has vastly improved over recent years. They have also increased in popularity in Sydney homes, as they let you entertain outdoors all year round. 

Here at Sunscreen Opening Roofs, we want to make the process for choosing a reputable design, supply and install team for your opening roof, as easy as possible. That’s why we’ve put together these helpful points for you to consider.

  • Have you estimated how far your roof will span, or what roof layout you ultimately want? Make sure you choose an opening roof team that has experienced design consultants who not only recommend design and functionality that adds value to your home.
  • Will the roof be made to fit within an existing structure or a completely freestanding frame? Make sure you really think about how you want to use the space in your back garden!
  • Do you have any other additional work or installations planned? Are you considering a pool or installing a garden shed? Should these be done before or after the install of your new patio?
  • Were you seeking an automated system or manually operated? Make sure you get a system that suits exactly how you want to live.
  • Do you currently live in areas prone to strong winds, heavy rainfall or harsh summer climates? Not all opening roof design teams know the council requirements for designing to suit all weather conditions. Make sure you choose a team that is experienced and delivers quality structures.
  • Do you want the louvre blades to be slightly curved or flat when closed? Choose a product that delivers the look you want.
  • Have you considered what material you would want the structure to be manufactured from? Choose only quality materials!
  • How will your chosen supplier and product, perform overtime? Will it last, and will it be durable?

Adding an opening roof for outdoor living and entertainment purposes is an exciting decision. Here are a few benefits to increase the appeal of your patio, by choosing an opening roof.

1. Increased Insulation & Controlled Ventilation

At Sunscreen Opening Roofs our custom-designed roof system is designed to give you complete control of your overall comfort and experience. You can control the amount of airflow through your patio or pergola. This allows fresh air to flow as freely as you wish, but also allows you to clear out any smoke or steam if you have from your outdoor kitchen. When completely shut, the blades will shield you from bad weather and strong winds. Additionally, opening roofs improve insulation by trapping in heat during the winter months and keeping the heat out during hot summer days.

2. Functionality

Sunscreen Opening Roof systems are available in a comprehensive variety of colours, finishes and layouts. Our designs are created to not only maximise space for entertaining and relaxing, but also to give you the ability to control the functionality with ease. Having control over temperature, light, insulation and ventilation will cater to your outdoor entertaining needs, even when unpredictable weather becomes a hindrance. SmartBlade opening roofs can be operated automatically, meaning with a flick of a switch will let you create the perfect adjustments. Opening or closing your roof blades will be hassle free!

3. Ambience

Style and function are at the forefront of our design process. Opening roof systems deliver ambience by allowing you to set the mood with lighting and airflow. How the structure looks also adds to this! We offer a variety of colours and stylish aesthetics to enhance your new patio, so it looks fantastic along with the rest of the decor of your home. 

Before making your opening roof purchase there definitely is a lot to consider, however the team at Sunscreen Opening Roofs can make the process really simple for you. Our experienced designers can visit your property and conduct an obligation-free consultation. The outcome of this is a design, layout and quote for your new opening roof patio or pergola. We also make it super simple through the project, as we offer a complete turn-key package that includes manufacture and installation.

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