Outdoor Entertaining Areas – Are They Worth It?

//Outdoor Entertaining Areas – Are They Worth It?

Outdoor Entertaining Areas – Are They Worth It?

We believe that outdoor entertaining/living areas should be an integral part of every Sydney home, and why not? With Australia’s incredible climate that allows for the majority of the year to be enjoyed in the beautiful warmth of the sun we have a natural longing to be outside. A roofed outdoor entertaining area lets us take full advantage of our climate and enjoy the outdoors in rain, hail or shine.

Outdoor living and entertainment areas have been a fundamental complement to the Australian home for decades. Leaving many of those who have experienced its benefits stating, “the best room in the house isn’t in the house at all”. Along with its emotional and functional benefits, the outdoor living areas allows an individual to release the inner designer/gardener within to create an environment that flows on with the décor and design of the house that incorporates the beautiful feel and aesthetic appeal of a spectacular garden all in the one space.

If you’re thinking about creating a space to entertain outside, consider the following four elements first:

Plan Ahead

Before you begin, make sure that you know exactly what you want to use your outdoor area for. Will it be a relaxing atmosphere that’s similar to an outdoor living room or will it be used for quaint dinner parties? If you have a distinct idea of what you’re looking for you’ll be able to plan and meet your goals with ease, whether it’s an open-air deck for cocktail parties or an outdoor kitchen.


Remember that a tranquil environment is a place that you feel is 100% your own. If your Sydney outdoor area or yard can easily be seen from your neighbour’s house, then you may want to consider a creeping plant wall or a privacy screen to help create a comfortable and private atmosphere.


Choosing materials that are able to stand the harsh Australian weather is essential! Make sure that all wooden materials that you choose have a protective coating; also keep in mind that you’ll need to add varnish throughout the years ahead if you intend to keep the original colour. If you’re considering adding ornaments like sculptures or candles make sure that they’re made from heavy-duty materials to ensure that they can withstand the weather conditions.


If you’re planning on having a new floor for your pergola area, don’t cut corners on this step! Especially if you’re creating an outdoor kitchen or barbecue area, you’ll need a premium non-slip flooring surface if you want your outdoor entertainment area to last a long time. Choose porous material that won’t get slippery when it gets wet from kitchen spillages or rain.

Adding value to your home

Not only does the outdoor living area add incredible value to the tenants/owner-occupiers home life, but also can add as much as 10% to the value of the home and even more importantly adds a huge level of saleability… the difference between no sale and a sale. With an attractive outdoor pergola area being one of the main features that a buyer looks for in a property maybe it’s time to ask yourself some questions…” Is it feasible to build an outdoor living area?”, “Does the locality and climate of my property fit the circumstance to build outside?”. If you answered ‘yes’ to either one of those questions, perhaps its time to get a move on.

The possibilities are endless with design and concept of the area from timber, concrete, paved, pebbled flooring, no roofing or roofing to cooking appliances and fringing, that really all depends on you. Contact Sunscreen Opening Roofs experts today!

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