Opening Roofs In The Sydney Climate

//Opening Roofs In The Sydney Climate

Opening Roofs In The Sydney Climate

Considering a pergola or patio but weighing up the pros and cons between sun and shade? Looking for some cover but don’t want to lose light in your entertaining area? Opening roofs are the ideal answer for your outdoor cover needs.

Being available in not only a broad range of colours and sizes-but also having a selection of technology available at our fingertips – Sunscreen Opening Roofs are the ones to call when it comes to opening roofs, as we are constantly through research and development creating innovative solutions for outdoor covers.

How an Opening Roof System Works

The main advantage of adding an opening roof system to your home is that the corners of the roofing system can easily be adjusted, which lets the proper amount of light in. Opening roof systems may be motorised or solar-powered, enabling you to control the natural light desired with just a click of a button.

Nearly all opened roofs allow the panels to be adjusted from 0 degrees to approximately 180 degrees. An open roof system is also an energy-efficient way to control both sunlight exposure and temperature around a pool.

Aluminium Open Roofs

A cost-effective and flexible material, aluminium works well as a construction material in an opening roof system. It can be shaped at will and is made to fit into the designated roofing space with ease, whether you need it to cover the BBQ area, a garden or footpath cover or for patio roofing. Aluminium open roof systems offer a high strength to weight ratio, yet they are extremely durable. They are also 100% recyclable.

Other Materials

Free standing umbrellas, canopy vines, retractable polycarbonate canopies and awnings all provide other roofing options for both shade and protection. Yet, unlike an opening roof system, these materials do not provide the flexibility to maximise outdoor enjoyment during the intense Sydney sun or unexpected rain showers.

Pergola Roofs

If you like the idea of an opening pergola roof, perhaps you should consider installing an aluminium pergola with a matching open aluminium roof. A pergola roofing system with a motorised open roof will get rid of problems often associated with other pergola roofing systems such as mildew and mould on fabric covers.

An opening pergola roof will increase the usability of your new addition to your backyard and will impress guests when entertaining.

In Conclusion

Even though there are a number of roofing options available for you to choose from; an opening roof system will certainly give you the most gratification throughout the year. When considering your roofing options make sure you think about the following questions:

Weather. How will the roofing system function in the rain? What about the sun? Will it restrict airflow, making the covered area uncomfortable in the intense summer heat?
Visual Appeal. Will the roofing option provide visual appeal as well as usefulness?
Maintenance. Will the roofing option that you choose require more maintenance than you are prepared to give?

More questions? Feel free to contact Sunscreen experts by our enquiry form placed in the sidebar, phone or email. We are here to help & build!

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